Treatment Journey


Before you decide whether or not to go ahead with semi-permanent make-up you Can come along for a consultation to discuss your goals and expectations, feel free to bring a picture of your dream eyebrows or favourite lipstick with you to your appointment. First of all I will show you my portfolio and so you can see my work carried out on other, very happy patients.

We will then discuss your requirements and expectations from this amazing life changing treatment, please feel free at any point to ask me any questions about your proposed treatment. I will then use a cosmetic pencil to show the possible results I can achieve, again working with you to achieve a shape most suited and tailored to your requirements.

You will be required to carry out a skin sensitivity test prior to your procedure to ensure the products I use do not cause any adverse reactions.

Want to skip the consultation? That’s fine…

Alternatively should you wish to have your treatment done sooner you can send me your address and I’ll send you a skin test in the post along with paperwork for you to complete and bring with you to your appointment. 


Once you arrive at your appointment we will have a further in-depth thorough consultation, discussing shape, brow design and colour. Once you are happy with your chosen style (this may take a while, but don’t worry it’s a good thing – it will take as long as it needs to so we can choose the best style for you) Depending on the style of brow you wish to achieve and your skin type, we will determine the method and technique. I will design your new brow by hand drawing a template tailored to you and your face shape. We can either enhance or define your existing brow or if you have no hair we can design you a new one. This is something we would together on until you are completely happy with the shape.I only remove stray hairs throughout the treatment, I like to keep as much hair there as possible. I will then perform a skin analysis to ensure the correct pigments are used not only to your liking but to suit your skin undertones, pigments can be mixed and are tailored to you. 

Shape is exclusively to you and your face, at any point that you want to change the shape of the brow design template we can do so – as many times as you wish until you are 100% happy with the chosen design. We work together every step of the way to achieve the most suitable results for you.

The consent form will confirm that I have taken you through every stage of the procedure, that you confirm and you agree to undertake treatment based on the information you have been given. 

The consent form will also commit you to maintaining the aftercare regime required to keep your new brows looking fresh and beautiful. 

Using either my state of the art machine or the finest micro-blades available along with my unique technique, I will then implant natural oxide pigments up to 2mm into the derma layers of the skin.


Easy to follow aftercare notes will be explained in full. Good maintenance will mean that your new permanent makeup lasts longer and continues to look as good as it did the minute treatment finished. The factors which effect longevity will also be explained, so you are sure to leave knowing exactly how to keep them looking great.

We cannot stress enough the importance of following aftercare procedure, after all your results will be amazing…we want you to keep them that way.

We will arrange an appointment for 6 weeks (depending on skin type) after your procedure. It is at this appointment that we complete the treatment and you will then see the final result.

Colour Boost

This appointment is very important and with any cosmetic procedure your follow up review appointment will complete the procedure. It is at this appointment that a 2nd application of pigment is implanted into the skin, and without the 2nd application then the treatment is incomplete and will fade dramatically.