Treatment Journey


The consultation is arguably the most important part of the process; it’s your chance to discuss the aims and expectations of the treatment you’ll be having and for us to answer any questions you may have. We recommend bringing photos of your dream brows/eyeliner/lip tinting with you to discuss with Sheila who will then use a cosmetic pencil to demonstrate what realistic results can be achieved to suit the shape of your face.

This process is designed with you in mind, so take advantage of Sheila’s wealth of knowledge and expertise. At this point, Sheila will also perform a skin sensitivity test, much like a patch test before dying your hair, to make sure that you won’t experience any adverse effects from the treatment.

If you require a treatment but can’t make it to one of our sites, please request a Virtual Consultation! We will post out the skin test and any relevant paperwork for you to bring along to your appointment.


To achieve optimum results, it’s important that you follow the steps below prior to your treatment. Failure to do so will affect pigment retention during and after treatment, which will ultimately affect the overall end results.

Lip procedures may cause an outbreak of cold sores, even if you haven’t had an outbreak or ‘fever blister’ for years. As such, cold-sore medication should be taken in advance, ideally five days prior to your procedure to reduce the chances of an outbreak. You can obtain acyclovir from your doctor or an online pharmacy.


Once you arrive at your appointment, Sheila will discuss shape, design and colour with you in further detail. Depending on the style of brows, eyeliner or lips you wish to achieve and your skin type, we will determine the best method and technique.

Firstly, we will begin to measure and draw in the new design using a pencil. All treatments are completely bespoke and unique to you, so you’re free to change the design of the template as many times as required until you’re 100% happy with the chosen design. You can rest assured that we’re on hand every step of the way to achieve the most suitable results for you.

Once your chosen shape and design has been carefully selected we will then discuss the pigment colour most suited to your skin tone and hair colouring. Pigments can be mixed to suit each individual’s skin tone.

For your peace of mind and comfort, we use very effective numbing agents during the treatment. And for eyebrows we only remove eyebrow hair when it is absolutely necessary and beneficial to your current eyebrow shape. We utilise as much of your natural brow hair as possible.

Once you are completely happy with both design and colour we are then ready to start treatment. At the end of the first appointment, we will schedule your colour boost for 6 – 8 weeks.


Careful attention needs to be taken when caring for your eyebrows/eyeliner/lips post-procedure. The colour of your permanent makeup procedure will be 50% darker than your desired shade immediately after the treatment, decreasing by 15-20% in size once swelling goes down, with your final result visible within 4-6 weeks.


After your treatment, easy to follow aftercare notes will be provided and discussed with you. Good maintenance will mean that your new permanent makeup lasts longer and continues to look just as good as it did the minute treatment finished. The factors which affect longevity will be thoroughly explained, so you are sure to leave knowing exactly how to keep them looking great.

We cannot stress enough the importance of following our aftercare procedure, after all, we want your results to be as amazing for as long as possible.

At this stage we will also arrange an appointment for around 6 weeks after your procedure, depending on skin type. It is at this appointment that we complete the treatment and you will be able to see the final results.

Colour Boost

This appointment is very important as it effectively completes your treatment. During this appointment, the second application of pigment is implanted into the skin which is essential for achieving the best results and preventing the pigment from fading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique which deposits pigment into the dermis layer of the skin. Unlike traditional tattoo artists We work very superficially in the skin and we use a pigment which is designed to break down over time which is why it will gradually fade in the skin. Cosmetic tattooing is a fantastic way to mimic the look of naturally applied makeup and can be very time saving for those who struggle to apply their own makeup on a daily basis.
Permanent makeup will last approximately 2-5 years but annual top ups are recommended every 12-18 months to keep the desired effect looking its best.
Everyone has a slightly different pain threshold but most of my clients say it is Absolutely fine and although it is slightly uncomfortable at times it Dosen't actually hurt. Keeping my clients as comfortable as possible throughout is my priority along with giving them the perfect result.
The procedure is built up over 2 sessions 6-8 weeks apart. The majority is done in the 1st session and the 2nd session is simply used for perfecting.
I always allow up to 2 hours for all of my permanent makeup procedures except top up appointments which will take 1 hour maximum.
I always try and work with your natural eyebrow shape and hair as much as possible which means a more natural result and less maintenance for you to keep on top of. You will have to occasionally pluck / wax around the brow shape but this is very easy to do now you have your new defined brow shape to follow.