Eye Treatments


Eyeliner is an absolute must for a lot of women and is an essential part of their morning routine. Without it, some women can feel ‘naked’ and unconfident. Semi-permanent eyeliner can be an easy life-changing solution for many women. Affordable and effective, eyeliner is a must-have essential if you want to define your eyes and accentuate their colour.

Many different looks can be achieved with semi-permanent eye treatments, from soft, subtle shading along the upper lash line – referred to as eyelash enhancement – to make eyes appear fuller, to a more dramatic upper and lower ‘eyeliner’ effect for those who want a more noticeable makeup look.

With our eyeliner procedures you can choose any thickness and flick or no flick – it’s your choice! We always perform a template and pre-draw the design on your eyes before we begin the treatment and offer a wide choice of colours, from shades of brown and grey to black for a more bold and stronger look. Take a look below at the different eye procedures available here at Dermafinity.


Classic Eyeliner

The Classic Eyeliner is a more dramatic and intense look, resembling a liquid eyeliner look with a super sleek line and a beautifully crisp edge.

Ombré Eyeliner

This is the ultimate choice for a smokey eye that will remain perfectly even all day every day. The pixelated edges of this eyeliner gives a super soft and dusty ombré edge performed with the revolutionary whip shading technique.

Eyelash Enhancement

Offering permanent eyelid enhancement, this is our most subtle eyeliner, helping to create fuller and thicker-looking lashes which enhance your eyes. Our eyelash enhancement treatment involves creating a thin line along the lash line to create beautiful, naturally defined eyes.



Ombré Eyeliner: £350 

Classic Eyeliner: £350 

Eyelash Enhancement: £250