Lip Treatments


Everyone wants fuller, softer lips but unfortunately with age, our lips suffer. The natural pigment begins to fade, they seem to shrink and they often become lined making make up application more difficult.

However, at Dermafinity we have good news for – by simply adding the natural shades of colour back to your lips, we can instantly make them look fuller again.

The process is simple and painless – firstly, a lip line is created to give a sharp edge of colour with sharp tweaks in the shape giving the illusion of larger lips. We then softly blend the chosen colour onto the lips giving a natural-looking effect. Of course, if you want to be more adventurous you’re welcome to choose a brighter colour.

It goes without saying that the perfect lip shape should always be in balance with your features and face shape.

For a more natural lip tint you can choose the ombré or lip blush which will give a subtle lip tint or you can opt for a lipstick look – it’s all in the technique. We can also colour match pigments to your favourite lipstick or lipgloss!

Take a look below at the different lip procedures available at Dermafinity.


Lipstick Look

Perfect for lipstick addicts who love a striking full on lipstick look that you never have to touch!

Ombre Lip

Ombré lips produce a bold and defined lip line. The liner softly fades into the centre of your lips, creating a natural look.

Lip Blush

If you’re after a soft and subtle lip tint throughout the entire lip then a lip blush is the one for you. This popular treatment produces a very natural looking result with only a hint of colour.



Ombré Lip: £350

Lip Blush: £350

Full Lipstick: £350